Friday, November 5, 2010

In The Director's Chair: Steel Magnolias

Professor Jill Lincoln* is responsible for bringing our next production to life, the comedy-drama Steel Magnolias, opening December 2. As you will see from the story below, this event is a unique experience for all involved.

To begin, one of the women who played "Shelby" in the original production is now directing at APU. Also, Prof. Lincoln had the opportunity to meet the story's author, Robert Harling, who told her all about his sister, whose life and death was the inspiration for Shelby's character.

This production has a particular poignance for Prof. Lincoln, as her sister has the exact same type of diabetes that Shelby had in the play. This influenced her direction as it is based on memories of the near death experiences her sister has had.

APU's production of Steel Magnolias is sure to bring about, in the words of Truvy, "laughter through tears ... my favorite emotion." You may purchase tickets to this show here or learn more about our 2010-2011 season productions here.

*Jill Lincoln, M.A., is an assistant professor in the Department of Theater, Film, and Television, where she instructs acting classes, on-camera classes, and directs productions such as the Hollywood Showcase and an original sitcom.

During the last twenty years, Lincoln has worked in regional theater, Broadway, film, and television, as well as instructed at several universities and schools. In addition, Lincoln co-founded and acted as artistic director of the Brennan/Gould Acting Studio in Los Angeles. Her mission is to train aspiring young artists in the techniques and skills needed to become transformational actors and better the future of American theater, film, and television.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

5 Facts About Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare

The full title of the play is “Twelfth Night, or What You Will”.

Like many of Shakespeare’s works, the plot lines were borrowed from an earlier story; in this case, it was based on the Italian “Gli Ingannatori (or The Cheats)” and the short story “Of Apollonius and Silla” by Barnabe Rich, based on the Matteo Bandello original story.

The first listed Broadway production of the play opened on June 11, 1804.

The longest Broadway production, in 1941, ran for 129 performances.

Famous actors that have appeared in Twelfth Night, either on stage or in film, include John Gielgud, Laurence Olivier, Vivian Leigh, Helen Hayes, Alec Guinness, Paul Rudd, Parminder Nagra, Helen Hunt, Yul Brynner, Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter.

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